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Weather forecasting with storm glass and Galilei glass

The topic storm glass is so interesting that we dedicated a whole shop category to this product group. Storm glasses have been fascinating people since the old days and are thus an appealing gift for family members and friends. Of course, you can always treat yourself with a storm glass too.

A storm glass indicates the weather for the upcoming one or two days by changes in crystal formations. Until today, scientists have not been able to completely solve the mystery of how storm glasses work. Complex tests have revealed that the crystals in the glass tube do not only react to changes in atmospheric pressure, but also to electromagnetic streams. One thing is clear: The storm glass forecasts the weather reliably.


Have a look at the figure below that lists the possible crystal formations and their meaning (read from right to left). The illustration was first made by Stig Hausen in 1982.

1. Fern-like crystals form - Cold and stormy
2. Fern-like crystals disappear - Temperature will rise
3. Star-like crystals float downward - There will be frost
4. Crystals float everywhere in the liquid - Rain is to be expected
5. Clear liquid - Dry and sunny weather

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